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State of the Browser

Dear Developer

One of the hardest lessons to embrace in web development is that not everyone is like you. It can come as a shock to learn that for the average web dev - young, male, surrounded by the cutting edge of tech, and with a high disposable income. But the truth is that many people are poor, have old devices, have slow data connections. Many people simply can’t use computers the way you do.

But we don’t cater for those kind of people!, you might cry. Well, this talk will demonstrate how you haven’t got the luxury of assuming that. Because how someone interacts with your site is completely out of your control, and this talk will show you the many ways your assumptions can fail. But it will also show how coding empathically with this in mind will let you produce sites that are usable by all and are robust in the face of anything the weird wild web can throw at them.


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